How To Cool A Room Without AC This Summer

Temperatures soar during the summer, and many of us ask ourselves, can I cool my home without an AC? If you just change a few things about your behavior and your home, the answer is yes. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to cool a room without an AC this summer.

Make sure that you consider keeping your blinds and your shades are drawn during the hot part of the day. Turn off the lights as the electric lights can add a lot of heat to your home. When you are thinking about how to get your windows arranged, remember that heat rises.

If you want to get up early in the morning, keep both the windows upstairs and downstairs open. This lets cool air in and hot air out. As soon as it starts getting hot, though, consider leaving just the upper windows open; this prevents your home from turning into a sauna.

Also, think about when you do your laundry. Make sure that you don’t run your washer and dryer during the day. You can just run your washer in the early morning and look into line drying your laundry throughout the day, or you might want to simply run your appliances at night. Remember that these devices put out a lot of heat and also use up a lot of energy, so be conservative as well.

Similarly, if you need to cool a space, make sure that you cool as small space as you can. If your home is not designed for getting a breeze through it, shut the doors and spend most of your time in one room with the fan or air conditioner unit on in there.

This will mean that there is less space to cool and much less energy spent cooling it. Also, make sure that the furniture does not block or restrict the airflow inside the house.

You can also keep your fans running because they use less energy and they help keep things cool. They may not have the same effect on your temperature but you can always couple this alternative with opening the doors and windows for better indoor ventilation.

Another great tip is reducing the sunlight that comes through your windows is by using an affordable heat-reflecting film on your windows especially those that are directly facing the sun.This is window tinting and is a good option because it makes your home look great and also reflects the sun’s rays. Tinting of the windows will reduce sun glares and ultra violet rays and thus keep your rooms cool.

Don’t do too much inside. Workout outdoors or head elsewhere to get things done. The air outside may be hot, but it also is more likely to keep moving. This will vary by day and location, of course. You can also take cool showers, stick to mostly eating meals that don’t need cooking and drink a lot of water.

Cooling your home without AC is simpler and easier than you think, often less expensive and remarkably cost-efficient. Through the essential ways of cooling your house, you generate cool air and save money at the same time.

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