How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally: 5 Proven Tips

When individuals meet for the first time, the first thing that makes an impression on their mind is the physical appearance. The impression starts with the face before anything else is taken into consideration. It is a well-known fact that the face is something that holds attention and therefore, proper care should be taken. Something like acne can be severely off putting; acting as a killer of self-confidence to the individual having it and an eyesore to the person viewing it. However, did you know that you can actually get rid of acne much easily? Below are ways on how to get rid of acne naturally:

1. Cucumber

One of the natural home remedies that can easily be obtained from your local mart is the cucumber. There are 3 means through which cucumber can be utilised in getting rid of acne:

  • Cut the cucumber and soak it in water for close to an hour to enable vitamins A, C and E transfer to it before drinking it.
  • The water soaked can also be used to wash the face
  • A mask can be made out of mashed cucumber and applied to the face for 10 minutes before washing.

2. Baking Soda

One of the most recommended natural home remedies; baking soda does not only work as a cleaning and baking agent but can also function as a health product. A simple paste made out of 2 teaspoons can be mixed with water and applied to the face. The mixture should be left until it dries before washing off.

3. Egg White

The white part (albumen) of the egg is known for being able to instantly take care of any acne related problems. All that is needed is separation of the yolk from the rest of the egg and then the separated part applied to the face and left overnight before being washed off in the morning.

4. Honey

Our skin is always in need of a revitalising agent and that is something honey possesses. It rejuvenates the skin by killing bacteria and taking care of dead skin cells allowing for new ones to grow in their place. You can choose to use your fingers or a cotton swab to apply the honey to the face. Use of a cotton swab is preferable as constant touching of the face with the hands can actually be the reason for the acne popping up. Leave the honey on the face for 30 minutes before washing off with warm water.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera can easily be obtained in one of the beauty shops or from a local grower. If your salon or beauty shop grows one naturally, then you can request for a frond to grow by yourself. Having your own supply means you can constantly have it when you need it, and constantly keep acne at bay. Take the aloe vera leaf and squeeze it in order to bring out the gel. Apply the gel to the skin or acne spot before washing it off after 10 minutes. The Aloe Vera alongside getting rid of acne also reduces swelling and inflammation.

The above listed can either be done individually or in a combination, the latter of which guarantees speedy results with acne. You can potentially combine these methods with using a good face wash for acne prone skin that you can buy at any drug store. Regardless of the method chosen, always remember less is more.

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