Most Common Tennis Injuries And Their Prevention

If you ask someone who is fond of playing sports such as tennis, then he will probably tell you that injuries are inevitable. Tennis can be a challenging sport regardless of one’s ability, so safety guidelines, as well as proper techniques, should be observed.

Also, this sport involves repetitive movement, causing strain to your muscles and joints. It is even said that playing surfaces – grass, clay or tennis acrylic surfaces – have an effect on performance as well as the type of injuries. So, before engaging in tennis, you should first know the what’s and how’s of this sport to minimize the risk of harm and injuries.

Most Common Tennis Injuries

Active sports are usually linked with injuries because of the nature of the game and other circumstances. Tennis is not an exemption since constant running and swinging are common motions. Here are some of the most common tennis injuries that one may encounter:

  1. Tennis elbow – This injury is usually caused by overloading of the forearm muscle due to improper body mechanics. Tennis involves repetitive swinging of the racket, which puts a strain on the muscles and tendons of the forearm. The small tears become inflamed, causing pain and limited range of motion.
  2. Shoulder injuries – More often than not, these injuries are caused by overuse of the rotator cuff muscles, and they usually occur when the shoulders are weak and poorly conditioned. Pain is the primary symptom and if it persists, one’s sleep and other daily activities may be impeded.
  3. Stress fractures – Sometimes, a tennis player trains too hard and one’s bone cannot adjust rapidly to the stress, and so it breaks. Also, accidents or random occurrences such as slips and falls can contribute to these injuries.

How to Prevent Tennis Injuries

Typically, tennis injuries are caused by inappropriate techniques and poor training. So before playing the sport, you should get all the necessary details to prevent the problems mentioned above. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Perform proper strengthening exercises as well as warm-up routines such as slow jog and jumping jacks.
  2. Include endurance training and stretching exercises in your routine.
  3. Do not ignore the practical components, including the grip size of the racket, appropriate footwear, and proper technique.
  4. If you feel that you are not that skillful yet, then tennis lessons can help you stay safe as well as get better in the sport.

Medical Intervention

If you are going to have a check up after tennis injury with the doctor and have the condition diagnosed correctly, the health care professionals will more likely prescribe some measure to help in managing the condition. Depending on the severity, they will advise the use of ankle braces or splints to immobilize the affected place. Or in rare and extreme cases when the injury is irreversible, surgery will be the feasible choice.

Additional Tip: Use Tennis Acrylic Surfaces

Playing surfaces indeed play a role in the overall game and the safety of the players. To prevent injuries as much as possible, you should ask expert advice from professionals to know which type of tennis court you should utilize. Look for a company that specializes in artificial turf, fake lawn, and synthetic tennis courts can help you get a tennis court that you have always dreamt of.


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