Why You Need To Teach Your Kids About Astronomy

To many, astronomy is often considered a subject that’s not for kids. However, this shouldn’t be the case. As with any other person, a child needs to understand and appreciate the universe. That said, it’s time you start giving your child a tour of the universe. But what’s there for your kids to gain in the subject of astronomy? Well, this article discusses why you need to teach your kids about astronomy.

Develop Interest in Science

Astronomy based activities help build your child’s interest in science. As we know, children are inquisitive by nature, something that can be quenched by astronomical tasks. Participating with them leads to additional questions regarding how and why some things happen. What’s more, good science grades are the most favored by higher learning institutions. This means that your kid will have a number of career paths to explore in future. An interest in science lets your child develop other essential skills, such as logic, vocabulary and verbal reasoning.

Intersects with Mathematics

Classical astronomy creates that mathematical interest, especially in more ambitious kids. Study of the motions of the heavens will push them to applying some mathematics regarding navigation and time-keeping. What’s more, the history of astronomy and that of mathematics are inextricably bound.

Takes Your Kid Outside

Learning astronomy gets more effective when you go out and explore the heavens. This is more beneficial as it gives your child the opportunity to get some fresh air and enjoy the great outdoors.

Can Become a Hobby

Unlike most sciences, astronomy is quite unique in its own way. It’s a science that can be transformed into a social hobby, one that can be achieved without the need for more technical equipment. Basically, what you need is telescope for kids and you’ll be good to go.

Intersects with Bible

Apart from mathematics, astronomy goes to a greater length to intersect with the bible. Many passages in the bible are built around the basic understanding of astronomy. These include the relationship between the Israelite’s monthly/yearly festivals to the phases of the moon.

Intersects with Mythology

There’s a story behind every constellation. It’s no wonder that many ancient cultures used stars as a basis for story telling. These functioned to pass on myths, fables and traditions. In the modern society, astronomy helps kids study mythologies of ancient cultures and relate what they’ve learned to the pictures of the night sky.

Inspires to Worship God

The universe bear’s witness to the greatness of God’s power, something that contrasts Him with the powerless idols. Therefore, learning astronomy cultivates that fear of God in your child. And it is this fear of God that instills some important virtues in your child’s life, something that couldn’t be achieved even in schools.

Strengthens Family Bond

Astronomy is a study that needs lots of adult supervision. This means that you’ll need to be closer to your child most of the time. It is this closeness that strengthens the bond between you and your child.


A well-balanced astronomy curriculum has got lots of benefits to your kid, both mental and spiritual. Teaching astronomy to your child is best achieved through observation, sky introduction, astronomical literature and mythology. The teachings can be done early in the child’s life and a telescope for kids might come in as a handy tool to aid in the teaching.

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